Escaping the obstacles in life to Go after your Dreams….

How many days have you come home complaining about the job you work at? The job that provides food on the table, the job that pays the bills, and also the same job that pays for your weekly shot at the bar that you go to which helps you get over your unhappiness. Work. We all have to work, but who ever said that work had to be stressful. I mean hitting the snooze button about a thousand times knowing darn well you hard it the first time. You purposely come to this job late because you hate coming, but you know you have to. But, what if? What if you could go after your dream job. What if your dream job made you more than enough money. This dream job allowed you to be the boss. You were now able to call the shots. You could book that dream vacation without having to ask anyone else’s permission. You are finally NOT the broke friend out of the rest of your crew. Imagine that! So, what’s stopping you….

Wasting Time when you only have One life to Live


The Excuse

The first thing you might think about is okay I know what my dream job is. In fact i’ve known what my dream job was since I was a kid. I’ve never went after my dream because I grew up in a household where my dreams weren’t real to my parents. I once told someone about my dream and I was told that it wasn’t  realistic or it wouldn’t grown to any income. How about I had a plan to pursue my dream, tried it, failed miserably, and never tried it again.

There’s so many excuses that we give ourselves to stop before even starting. We don’t begin because we are so busy worrying about the end. We feed into negative thinking, “That won’t work,” “No one is going to buy what your selling,” or “You don’t have the college education to be the CEO.” Ouch! Those words hurt and its even worse when you take in someone’s negative words to bring you down. Dream killers are what you call those people. Those people live a miserable life and they need company. And those people had a dream once just like you and someone else was a Dream Killer to them too. How can you allow someone’s words to stop you? How can you stop before starting?


The Plan

First thing’s first…understand that taking any step towards your dreams/ goals REQUIRE faith. Faith is believing in the unknown. You don’t know what will happen when you take those first steps. But, understanding that taking the first steps is the beginning. And its up to you to succeed or fail. It’s about to you to tell yourself ” I Can, I will, I won’t stop until I get there” to succeed. Its up to you to tell yourself ” I Can’t, It’s too hard, I have to stop” to fail. Success can take a thousand NO’s just to get ONE YES! But, it will take hard times because success is ONLY for the strong. Stop letting other people’s weak mind bring you down. Start making that business plan, start saving for that BIG move, Start the book, Start the blog, Sign into the Youtube Channel, and for goodness sake STOP thinking about the end results before you already started. The Power is in YOU!

Oh and remember that FEAR is beyond DUMB!

FEAR = False, Evidence, Appearing, Real


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