Overcoming the traumatic Fears of becoming a Writer

“A writer? Who me? Well yes I am a writer and I am darn proud of it!” Whoa! Did that just come out of my mouth so clearly without stuttering of uncertainty? For so long I always loved to write. I was that girl in English class back in high school who was excited to get the 15 page essays. I would yell “What topic, What topic?!?!” as the rest of my classmates were frustrated and annoyed at any writing assignments given to them. I also had a journal (of course) that I would write about in high school which included my secret crush, my first heartbreak, and my amazing breakthroughs. My journal was very personal to me until I became more clear of who I was. I then wanted to share my story of becoming who I was and what life has taught me.

I started off writing my book about my life. I started going through that same journal (Of over 10 years) . Within that journal, I started to write about my experiences good and bad. As i’m writing my different experiences, I started to think. Will people even like what I’m writing about? I mean I felt confident writing about myself because I’m aware of who I am and what I went through to be who I am. But, fear overcame me by negative thoughts. I started to think about if people would like my flow of writing. I started to think about if people would even relate to my experiences and want to know more. I started to think would people judge me. It was those thoughts that numbed my fingers to write. Until….

FullSizeRender 4


As fear gave me a complete turn around I had no choice but to do what I love as much as writing which was of course reading. My attention was to go to self-help books. I absolutely needed help to overcome this fear. I knew that I didn’t want to quit becoming a writer. I just needed that motivation. You know that kick in the butt that hurts worst then sitting bare bottom on a nail! I needed to get into a better place about writing. My first book I checked out was New York’s Best Seller  You Are a Badass: How to Stop doubting your greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life. This book was the self-help that I needed. It was the perfect how-to guide that motivated me to overcome my fears, research how to be a better writer, and make writing my career as a freelance writer.

I am not writing this blog as a way to showcase that I am a freelance writer (well kind of) , but to encourage you to NOT stay in fear as a writer. If your like me you have been writing for a long time now starting in your personal journal. It has been something that you love doing, so why not make this as a career. And trust me when I say there’s money in this business! On average freelance writers can get paid anywhere from $20- $30 per hour. They can also get paid by word count (ex: $1 per word= 500 word article= $500 paid to writer). Each pay varies depending on what writing gig you get, but trust me when i say there is money to be made here!

Okay, so now you want to get motivated to be a writer. Now your headed to the book store to get the self-help that you need. What’s next? After i’m motivated what should I do? That answer is beyond easy! The next thing you need to do is write. Only this time you are writing with more confidence because motivating yourself is key to any success in life. After I felt more motivated to write. I started blogging.Having my own blog definitely helped sharpen my writing skills. I would choose a topic that fit into my niche (what you like, what interests you) and then my hands where going nonstop. As I continued with getting comfortable with writing my confidence within myself came at an all time high. That fear of people being interested was no longer there because I’ve realized that if I lived a life just to please people then I would be miserable. There will be people who have their own opinions good and bad, but never let that discourage you.

Do what you love and live a happy life doing it!



  1. This is soooo inspiring and goes along with the saying ‘You can’t conquer what you can’t face’…….. Thank you!!


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