3 Reasons to Quit your job & Start your own business


Ugh! I don’t feel like being here!

Is it Friday yet?

There’s got to be more to my life!!!

Let me guess, this is the conversation that goes through your head when you are at a job that you absolutely hate. I know because I was you before. I can’t believe that it was actually a time in my life when I thought this was it for me. Well I am here writing you this blog to tell you the exact reasons why you should quit your miserable employee job and start your own business.

Work should NOT suck

It’s very obvious that you hate your job by now. How do I know that u may ask? Well, judging by this title and why you clicked to know more is a start. Come to terms with this and finally admit that you HATE your job. You wake up every morning annoyed that you have to go. You even come late all the time and on purpose too. Let me guess when you are finally clocked it you are doing minimum work. You are constantly going to the bathroom to get away. You take longer lunch breaks because you hate the fact that you have to go back. Let’s not forget the constant daydreaming. Let me tell you work should NOT be miserable for you. When you are in business for yourself none of those feelings should come up. When you are in business for yourself, the work that you should be doing is something you absolutely have the desire to do. I mean why else would you start that business if you are going to continue to be unhappy. Not only would you have a business that you enjoy doing, but you would also be running the show. You’re the big boss now! Oh wait, still don’t think that’s good enough to quit your miserable job? Let’s continue…

You are NOT the Boss

How about that boss of yours? You know the annoying one. The boss who takes the title way too far and bosses you around. You come home everyday to tell your spouse or significant other, “Honey you won’t believe what this jerk of a boss has done again!” or how about the boss who’s also lazy and makes you do all the work. Let’s not forget the boss who also hates their own job, but finds peace at it for making your work day hard for you. Are you with me now? YOU DO NOT HAVE TO KISS ANYMORE BUTTS! Starting your own business not only allows you to do something that you love, but you also don’t have to kiss anyone’s butt anymore. You’re in charge now. No one will tell you what to do anymore. You call the shots. No more asking for permission to do anything else. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true.

Working a job to make someone else’s Dream come True

I remember working at a front desk job. Everyday I would come to this job miserable just by waking up in the morning. I would come in, clock in, and daydream for most of the day. I would dream about doing a job that I would love to do. I would dream about being in charge. Those thoughts would turn my thinking. It came to the conclusion that not only did I hate my job, but I also had dreams of my own. I had dreams of my own but I was working at someone’s business to help their dream come true. That was the motivation that I needed. I knew that I had one life to live and it wasn’t going to continue to be a miserable one. It was at that moment of thinking that encouraged me to start my own business. I studied the business that i wanted to start. I  made the business plan. And then I got to work. I’m in a career that I love. I’m in charge of it all. I don’t have to answer to anyone above me. And my favorite part of having my own business is making my own schedule. I can take off whenever I want, go on vacation whenever. and spend time with my family. The only job I work now is the job that makes my own dreams come true.

Just to make sure you are reading this information through, let’s compare.

Employee vs Owner


  • Clock in – a set time required that you MUST be there
  • Gets paid by rate: money received by the business owner for hours worked
  • Must work job description: you don’t have any authority to change how a job is ran without asking
  • Time off: must be requested and wait on pending approval
  • Job: works for money


  • No clocking in: organizes own time
  • Gets paid by sales: money is received unlimited by products/services sold
  • Makes the system: has the authority to change how the job is ran
  • No time off: DOES NOT have to request to anyone for approval
  • Money works for owner

In the business world everyone is paid in two coins: Cash and Experience. Take the experience first: the cash will come later. – Harold S. Geneen


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