Key tips on How to get the Professional Job!


It’s that moment when your sitting in the chair waiting for the manager to come in. Your sitting, sweating, and probably about to chew your nails off. The first thing you might be thinking is, “What interview question is he/she going to ask me first?” “It’s gotta be the TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF question.” “Yes that’s it. Ive repeated my answer about a 100 times. Just trying not to sound like a robot.”

Trust me we have all been there. You’re nervous and it’s going to be okay. First thing you have to understand is that going through the interview process isn’t easy for anyone. But, the best thing you can do is be prepared. You want to have the look, the voice, the posture, and the confidence. I have listed detailed ways for how you can get the job.

  1. Presentation: Get the Look!

How you look upon coming into an interview is very important. You are first judged on your appearance when arriving. An employer must know that you will represent the company just by how you look. Let’s think on this. How can you work for any professional business and not look professional? That gives off the wrong message for the company and what it represents. So, it’s important to look the part.


How To:


  • Fresh Cut- No one will hire “Harry the Hairy Man.” This includes shaping up the facial hair.
  • Attire-
    • Shirt & Tie with dress pants
    • Or Suit & Tie (stay in the colors of white, black, gray, or dark blue)
      • Wearing a tie will always set the tone as a business professional attire
    • Jewelry- wear a watch ONLY
  • Light cologne- some might say don’t wear cologne at all, but in a business environment let’s be honest people where cologne. You want to make sure that it’s very light and not too strong. You don’t want to be remembered as the smelly guy walking into the room.


  • Let’s talk about hair- women absolutely love their hair. There’s so much trending when it comes to hairstyles. We have long/short straight hair, curly, or, thick. We even have different colors. But, lets talk truth. Certain hairstyles are not appropriate for business jobs. The most appropriate hairstyles for business would have to fall into the category “Less is MORE.” You want to have the most basic hairstyle you can think of with your texture of hair. You can save the exotics for the weekend. In Detail…
    • Do’s & Don’t
      • Hair color- stick to your natural hair color or if you do have colored dyed hair then go with a more neutral color. Stay away from colors such as red, blue, pink, halloween orange, etc.
      • Hair Assessories- LEAVE THEM AT HOME! You must NOT wear any of it. In Detail…
        • No beads, headbands, hair jewelry, etc.
  • Attire-
    • Blouse with Dress pants or Women’s suit. Stay in the colors of white, black, and dark blue.
    • Flat shoes- are a professional go to, but if you desire to wear heels do not wear heals above 3 inches.
    • Jewelry- the best professional jewelry would have to be post earrings and necklace. Please DO NOT wear large hoops or bracelets. You don’t want to appear too flashy
  • Perfume- Light perfume or None at all


2. Be Prepared: Be ready at all times!



Upon even arriving at the interview, you must be prepared. You don’t want to think about something going wrong, but you do want to be as organized as possible. This will include…

  • Having 3 copies of your resume and cover letter- when you are interviewing, the manager will go over your recent job history. Which would mean that you will give the manager a copy, yourself, and an extra copy as the manager is viewing recent employment for a questionnaire.
  • Having those 3 copies in a black binder or folder- this also gives off a professional look. Having papers in hand doesn’t give off an organized appearance and being organized is key in any professional environment
  • Study the job- getting to know information about the job will better prepare you of what you are walking into for the interview. You don’t want to appear clueless of your surroundings and you want to be ready for those interview questions. In Detail.. (Top 5 commonly asked interview questions)
    • Tell me about yourself?: when you’re asked this question you want to stay on a business topic. The employer doesn’t need to know that you’re a cat lover. Tell them about your professional background and how it relates to the job you’re interviewing for.
    • Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?: Remember to stay on topic! Don’t tell them in the next 10 years you see yourself becoming president. Tell them about wanting to move up within the company. Professional jobs want to know if your going to stay with them. That might not be the real case, but if you want the job for right now stay on topic.
    • What are your weaknesses?: Please don’t tell me you would actually tell them that your weakness is that you are always late!? That’s definitely not going to get you any job for that matter. The best answer that has always gotten me pass this question is, “I would have to say one weakness of mine would have to be interviews so I hope I’m doing alright so far with this one.” I always say that answer with a little joking humor. It’s okay to show a little personality.
    • How would you handle a conflict with a coworker?: When answering this question you want to stay away from confrontation. They don’t want to know that you’re taking boxing classes and Susan can step outside. The best way to answer this question is by saying,”If i was to have a conflict with a coworker I would try to work things out as best as possible. We are a team and we must work together. If me and a coworker have not worked out any resolution the best mature way is to agree to disagree, but still work together accordingly.” Professional jobs want to know can you handle confrontation and how to be a team player.
    • Why should we Hire you?: This would definitely be the last question of the interview. This question also involves what your experience is in and how you would be a great fit. If you’re applying for a job that you have NO experience in, talking about how you’re a fast learner and you would be sure to get the job done
  • Ask questions- After the employer asks you questions they will then see if you have anything to ask. This is important. It shows how interested you are with the job. That’s why I mentioned earlier about doing a little studying about the job itself. The employer will be intrigued that you did some research on them and will make you stand out.

3. Arrival: Almost Time!


  • Make sure upon arriving to the interview that you are promptly and ready 20 minutes before the interview. Being early is a must. This shows that you have time management and you respect the employer’s time as well.
  • Turn off the phone- DO NOT have your phone in hand. Social Media has taken over people’s lives. How does it look that you are in the lobby of the job you are interviewing for and your taking pictures to post on social media? Not professional at all and trust me whoever is at the front desk of the lobby is watching and will tell the person interviewing you.
  • Remain Seated- Make sure before arriving that you have used the bathroom or freshened up before you come. It doesn’t look too good that you are in the restroom when your called next for the interview.
  • Smile- keep your spirits high at all time. Given off a smile shows your personality and how easy it will be to get along with you

4. Interview: Showtime!


  • Present yourself: You absolutely must shake hands. Don’t shake or hold too hard, but give a stern hand shake that represents professionalism.
  • Smile- I won’t say this enough. It’s a must
  • Posture- Always sit up straight. Represent yourself with manners
  • Breathe- you got this!

It’s normal to be nervous for any interview. But, taking these tips will give you a better outcome. Especially for preparing for the most common questions asked. You’ll be surprised of how things will start to flow as you’re more prepared. Even your words will start to flow as your answering the questions. The best thing to do is to not only follow through with the tips given to you, but to also think positive about everything. Your confidence will show in the ora of how you represent yourself. Good Luck!!!


Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make it Happen!!



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