How to master the mindset of an Achiever


It’s the moment when you decide that you are going to make a change in your life. Yes, it is true that change can be scary. But, the one and only way to master it all is to successfully deal with change. Being an Achiever doesn’t come with “I just don’t know how.” It comes with “How to.” Once you come to that understanding your life going forward will come a lot easier.

You can start with three mental steps:

Step One: Discovering your Desires in Life.

One of the best ways to live is by discovering what you are passionate about and what you live by.  How to figure that out is so simple. Its as easy as knowing what it is that you love to do or want to do. It’s also knowing what you stand for and what you will fight against.

Discovering your desires also requires vision. You then have to see yourself putting your passion into action. But, in order to put what you desire in action; You must set a goal.

Step Two: Setting the Goal

The moment when you know exactly what you are passionate about brings curiosity of the big “What’s Next?” The next step is to actually write down what you want to achieve and how you will know when you have achieved it. You are going to want to be specific as well. People sometimes are very vague when it comes to this step because they are not seeing the bigger picture of what they want. But, what people don’t understand is that your mind is already at work. The mind is constantly at work especially when you know what you want. Which is why it is very important to write down your dreams in full and with detail.

Step Three: Getting your Mind in Line

After going through the wave of the “I’ve got this” mentality, there are times when you start to lose momentum. Which is why it is so important to have the right mindset as an achiever.

Here are some strategies to use…

  • Think Positive- it is so easy to think about what’s the worst that could happen; especially when you are already afraid of change. But, understand that thinking something is going to go wrong attracts negative energy. And sending out that energy will bring every obstacle headed your way.
  • Stay away from distraction- being an achiever also means making the right decisions. So, anything that would allow you to lose focus of your goal shouldn’t be a choice. Being an achiever means being responsible with making the right choices to only better yourself.
  • Stay motivated- think about the people that you love. How will they be influenced by your achievements? Being strong and consistent takes a lot of work, but the benefits to your love ones are going to impact the community around you. Some of the best ways to help stay motivated is by reading daily, listening to speeches, writing, and reminding yourself of your desires.
  • Watch the people around you- having supportive people around can give you the boost of confidence that you need daily. Those people can be identified as whom encourages you, gives great advice, and shows compassion towards you. An achiever must identify who around them is the dream killer. A dream killer is someone who discourages you, thinks negative, and clearly doesn’t show any support. It is best to stay away from those people because they live a lifestyle which includes misery, and they want you to be in their company.

Achieving your goals is absolutely within your reach– it is often just about keeping your goals in mind and being consistent with the steps needed to see results. Always remember- if you believe, than you can achieve!






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