The Choice to Feel Beautiful

Stop it! Your Beautiful….

No i’m not.

But, yes you are!


grayscale photo of woman wearing blazer and pants

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Can you honestly ask yourself how many times have you had this back and forth conversation? I mean why is it so hard for us to accept our beauty when clearly the person you’re talking to has. I think the worst part about not seeing your own beauty is NOT trying to. It could be any where between your physical appearance or your inner self. Not matter what you do to yourself…you just don’t feel…BEAUTIFUL!

To Fit In

Our biggest mistake is comparing ourselves to others. And the first comparison is the people we see on SOCIAL MEDIA. Picture yourself sitting there and scrolling through INSTAGRAM. You are going through and seeing these women beautiful, nice bodies, etc. Now, someone who wants to feel beautiful would SEE this and be totally inspired.

“Ya know what let me get off this page and get my butt to the gym!”

Then there’s others that see these pictures and get extremely low about themselves. These are the people that make up every excuse to NOT do something about themselves to feel BEAUTIFUL.

“I just don’t have time to go to the gym!” “She probably has a nanny to watch her children while she gets in shape!” (Or my favorite one) “I could never look like her anyways, so what’s the point!” Ughhh! (Proceeds to keep scrolling through the pictures and eats a bag of chips!…lol)

Ladies are you actually hearing yourself right now! I mean come on. I can’t be the only one that has been there before. You have already put it out there by energy and by words that you JUST CAN’T. And let me tell you this…the problem is YOU! I mean come on you complain about this or that, and yet you do absolutely NOTHING to change. This way of thinking has to end Ladies…

Live Your Best Life

Trust me when I say that I have been there. I have felt miserable about my looks (especially after childbirth). And I hated who I was becoming… A MISERABLE & INSECURE WOMAN THAT JUST CHOSE TO NOT BE ANYTHING ELSE. The best part about change is that YOU can make the decision to do so. You can make the decision to see these fit women and use that as inspiration. You can make a choice to have a set schedule to make it to the gym. And if your a stay at home mom (like myself) then you can make the decision to workout when the children are well asleep. Let me be the one to tell you that EXCUSES has withheld me from so many things that I could have been accomplished as a goal. And you know It hurts even more to say that it’s my fault. I had a choice and I simply DID NOT choose…

But, you know what I love about life is….you can begin at any time. I can choose to start on something and stick to it. The freedom to choose is within ALL of us! And I choose to live a life of Confidence. To live a life of always feeling Beautiful. To live a life of Happiness and Success.

We should always CHOOSE to LIVE our BEST LIFE…



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