Stop Letting Your Past Break You

“There is No sense in punishing your future for the mistakes of your past. Forgive yourself, grow from it, and then let it go.”- Melanie Koulouris.

It’s your Fault. There’s no one else to blame. When are you going to stop this?!

No I am not referring to what has happened to you that has caused you pain and misery. Im talking about the fact that you keep holding on to it and it has gotten worse for you over the years…

I am NOT the One to Blame….Or Are You?

We ALL have once been hurt by someone at some point in our lives. We are humans and they make mistakes. Humans also carry pain and tend to hurt others around them. Is it right? Absolutely not, but it happens. It happens to all of us and Im going to confidently tell you that YOU are not alone and I’m going to help you through the best I can.

Past-(adjective) means Gone by in time and no longer existing.

It is no longer here now. The breakup, the family issue, that Liar, and even that person who harmed you. Their presence only exist every time you cry about it, when you worry, and when it is in your thoughts aka dreams. You don’t realize that you bring more life into a situation just by simply holding on to it. You have enabled your own self from something that means to be gone by in time = PAST.

I wouldn’t be speaking in truth if I said that letting go is easy because it surely is not. We want that person who hurt us to suffer. We want revenge. But, ask yourself this serious question…Would that heal you? Would them suffering make you feel happiness again? My honest answer coming from myself would be yes….for a little while.  I would realize that me causing someone else that same pain would also be the same as looking at that same person in the mirror.

Understand that the best revenge you can have against someone is FORGIVENESS. Being able to forgive releases that Power that someone else once had over you. When you lash out, fight, and argue with your enemy….they are laughing at you with victory because they are winning and you are letting them by holding on to pain.

“When You Let Go…You Create Space for Something Better.”

You Can, You Will, You Must….Let It Go

I know your tired of hearing “Everything Happens for a Reason” right?  Yeah, I once was too. But, it’s so true. I wouldn’t be the strong women that I am today if I haven’t forgiven and let go of my past. To be honest, I am grateful for it. I’ve come to realize that I am one of the strongest woman I know and I’ve grown to get to know myself a lot more. I’ve also realized that my pain from my past positioned me to do what I love to do NOW. Im a WRITER who loves to encourage all women into entrepreneurship. And I wouldn’t  be able to do this had I continued to allow my past to break me.


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