Key Tips to have an Motivational Productive Day as an Entrepreneur

“The most effective way to do it is to just do it.”







At what age will you as an Entrepreneur will ever say,”Today was one of the most easiest day!” I figured possibly never. We all know that we love being Entrepreneurs. After all we are in control, we are making our own money, and we don’t have anyone over top of us criticizing our own work. We are the boss and it feels great to even say that. But…..let’s be real…we definitely have our days when everything around us is just tumbling around us and we can’t seem to get anything in order. As rough as our days are….let’s be real we never want to stop and return to that miserable 9-5 job.

As Entrepreneur we definitely strive to be as successful as possible. And that’s why the best ways to stay productive is to actually plan to actually stay productive with a daily work motivated schedule.

  1. Read your Affirmations

    – There’s nothing more positive then having a positive mindset and by saying the “yes I can” and the “I am the best,” is actually key to set off your work day. Your mind is clear from any worries or fears to get you in success mode.

  2. Eat Breakfast

    – Trust me when I say your going to need that vitamin C from that daily orange juice along with those egg whites! The energy levels you receive is so much greater then skipping this step. No one and I repeat no one needs a Mr/Ms. Grouch!

  3. Stay on schedule

    – Yeah I know this can be hard. I mean we get so much thrown at us from left to right unexpectedly, but trying your best to schedule exactly what you need to get done each work day actually is more helpful then you may think. The complete list is there right in front of you to check off as much work as you can within a day. No more forgetting to fax over that final edit!

  4. Breaktime

    – You heard me right. You gotta chill! Working steady nonstop is our go to because we are responsible for our own success now, but geez Louise you gotta breathe. Working hard is exactly as it sounds and it can take an unhealthy toll on you. Break time is not a permanent rest it’s simply a few minutes to break away and rest, meditate, or even eating again. Whatever it is you brain is working a 1000 miles a minute and if it could do it’s own screaming…Im sure it would. So, chill!

  5. Bedtime Affirmations

    – Last but not least…having a positive mindset for bed is key too. Sometimes it can be “That last order really pissed me off to fix.” or “Did she really send me this edit so last minute and it’s still due today. Uggghhhhh!” We all know that sometimes that last business call can be a pain in the butt. Like it could literally ruin your mood even when you were doing so well today. Different situations can occur throughout that day that could really throw your mindset completely off. So, yes ending your night with affirmations will surely pull you back into “No obstacles will get in my way, Im here to stay.”

“Success is the some of small efforts repeated day in and day out.”


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