Entrepreneur Tips: How to Separate the Business from Personal

“I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say…Because of you I didn’t give up.”

The fact is being an Entrepreneur has so many roles to it. You are the big boss now. But, we don’t fully understand the role we have as a “Role Model.” I mean think about it. Before you quit your last job, who was the last inspirational voice you heard that gave you the encouragement you needed to just say, “I quit. I’ve got my own dreams.” I’m sure a hand full of people can at least give one name of a famous celebrity/speaker or a New York times best seller self-help book.

And what else does being a role model consist of? All eyes on you baby! I know this role is not what we asked for I mean most could say I just wanted you to enjoy my soon to be best selling book or I just wanted to sell my life insurance. Truth is we are always going to be looked at and it’s so important to separate the business from the personal at all times.

  1. Separate your Social Media Accounts – be Professional be be Professional! Yes there’s nothing more disturbing for a client/customer to see the throwback picture you posted of the time you threw up all over the bar one night. Will your friends get a good kick out of it? Im sure they will, but your business associates will look at you completely different even though I’m sure they have been there before. Social Media has been a huge platform for business and it has brought so much success for Entrepreneurs. Keep your professionalism safe at all times. A throwback picture isn’t worth a huge lost  in your market
  2. Act Accordingly– acting professional isn’t a way to hide who you are. Your not a sell out, but your are trying to get a sale. So, yes being professional and representing your brand will always be required. Learn to separate your true friends from your amazing business partners. Im sure you will  always want to be taken seriously and respected in this Entrepreneur world, and how professional you are will be a reflection of how great of a business you have.
  3. Practice what you Preach– Period. People are loving your business and how you are running it. Some even value the customer service more then the product. So, being on top of your game at all times has gotten you to where you are now. So, no matter if your talking about your business on your personal page or your business page….make sure your always representing it in the right way.


“Dont confuse having a Career with having a Life”- Hillary Clinton


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