Realistic Jobs for Stay At Home Moms

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There’s plenty of happiness and joy that comes with being a stay at home mom. You get to experience the memories with your children at every step. You get to never miss a sports game or ballet event. There’s so many women that love being there full-time with their children and there’s nothing wrong with that. From my experience, I am constantly on the move. There no 9-5 hours for me…try 11 hours a day. But, there are times when I want to add to the household income. I’ve actually come in contact with women who can comfortably manage with one income and there are also women I know that with one income things are very tight. I know what it’s like to not want to give up time with your children, but you also have to meet ends meet. From personally being in this same position….I’ve noticed that I can’t just take every work from home job there is. Most work from home jobs require being on the phones and the companies are very strict on there being absolutely no distractions. I know one work from home job that actually required cameras which definitely meant I couldn’t work this if I tried.

I didn’t let the jobs I couldn’t do as a stay at home mom stop me. I know that there had to me something out there for all of as…

In Home Daycare– don’t think having more children to take care of would turn your house upside down. Having your own in home daycare definitely has it’s benefits of still being heavily involved with your children. It opens more doors to share the love with more children and make income from it. You make the rules on this one. And those rules can range from how many children you take in, your weekly fees, and being creative with children activities that i’m sure you’ll love.

Being a Writer– Trust me when I say that I absolutely love what I do. Being a writer with children has NEVER stopped me from being with my kids. In fact you know the deadlines that you have to meet between your clients and your own blog post (sort of what I am doing now. lol) I find most of my time getting my writing agenda completed in between the time I spend with my children. When they are taking naps, I’m writing. When they are having their own free time, I’m writing. And when they are most definitely put down for bedtime, I’m definitely knocking my writing out. In fact I didn’t realize that I even had a passion for writing until I became a stay at home mom. So, I can thank my busy babies for that!

Customer Service (night shift)– Let’s face reality! Sometimes you can’t get away from the work from home jobs that require your undivided attention. You got to do what you gotta do, right? I know. But, I would recommend working these positions at any night shift or even overnight if you can. Working the night shift will at least be more of a load off especially when hubby is off from work and can help out to. Most children are more calm and aren’t so busy which they won’t always go looking from Mommy. I mentioned overnight because there are families (like myself) that never have a break away from their children. Maybe your husband works extremely long hours or they kids are super attached to you. After all you are Super Mom to them and you will always be able to do all things for them.  So if you can, even if it’s part-time, work an overnight job from home may work out for your favor without any distractions while the children are asleep.

“I may not have it all together everyday, but we are together everyday and that all that matters.”


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