About me


Danielle Nicole is my wonderful name and I am the writer to HIRE!

I am a Freelance writer with the expert & knowledge, but not limited to content marketing and blogging.

What I specialize in:

Content Writing that will strongly engage client’s attention. I will perfect the purpose of driving traffic towards the business.

I strive to meet those needs when collaborating with a business
Let’s face it. You’re busy. You need a valuable copy for your website. I can help.

How I do it:

  • Copywriting: In need of a converting copy for your website? Push it my way! It could be a sale’s page, service page, about page, or shop page. You name it! I can turn your bland copy to a more persuasive copy.
  • Blogging: You don’t have time to do that, you have a business to run for crying out loud! I can definitely take care of that. Blogging is what I do and is a passion of mine. I blog on my own blog, blog on other people’s blog, and I can blog on your blog too! And I can turn your blog into a strong marketing tool!
  • Ghostwriting: Too busy to write? I can take care of that too. I have no problem writing in your voice and brand.


 I enjoy writing on a variety of topics and I’m open to taking on other projects in other industries.



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