How to master the mindset of an Achiever

It’s the moment when you decide that you are going to make a change in your life. Yes, it is true that change can be scary. But, the one and only way to master it all is to successfully deal with change. Being an Achiever doesn’t come with “I just

Top 5 steps: To make it through Depression

It’s the same exact feeling when you want to give up on everything. Happiness seems so unreachable and having a smile on your face would be unbelievable. I am here to tell you that “Depression” is beyond real, and there is a way to survive through it. The worst part

Key tips on How to get the Professional Job!

It’s that moment when your sitting in the chair waiting for the manager to come in. Your sitting, sweating, and probably about to chew your nails off. The first thing you might be thinking is, “What interview question is he/she going to ask me first?” “It’s gotta be the TELL

3 Reasons to Quit your job & Start your own business

Ugh! I don’t feel like being here! Is it Friday yet? There’s got to be more to my life!!! Let me guess, this is the conversation that goes through your head when you are at a job that you absolutely hate. I know because I was you before. I can’t

Overcoming the traumatic Fears of becoming a Writer

“A writer? Who me? Well yes I am a writer and I am darn proud of it!” Whoa! Did that just come out of my mouth so clearly without stuttering of uncertainty? For so long I always loved to write. I was that girl in English class back in high

Escaping the obstacles in life to Go after your Dreams….

How many days have you come home complaining about the job you work at? The job that provides food on the table, the job that pays the bills, and also the same job that pays for your weekly shot at the bar that you go to which helps you get

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